HallinSight® Magnetic Measurement System Evaluation Kit
HallinSight® Magnetic Measurement System Evaluation Kit
HallinSight® Magnetic Measurement System Evaluation Kit
HallinSight® Magnetic Measurement System Evaluation Kit
HallinSight® Magnetic Measurement System Evaluation Kit


HallinSight® Magnetic Measurement System Evaluation Kit

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HallinSight® - the world's first three-dimensional magnetic field camera that measures one point. The HallinSight® Evaluation Kit stands for precise vector magnetic measurements with the possibility of highly flexible adaptation to different requirements and applications.

HallinSight® vectorial magnetic field imaging technology enables the measurement of all three dimensions of magnetic fields in real time. The magnetic field vector can be determined with a magnetic resolution in the μT range at a rate of up to 250 measurements per second. In the form of a planar arrangement, the technology can be implemented as a magnetic field camera and used to characterize static or dynamic magnetic fields. The high flexibility
The HallinSight® technology makes it possible to measure magnetic fields along a line or in the plane as well as in a spatial volume. Various communication interfaces are available for integration into existing laboratory and industrial setup environments.

The 3D magnetic field camera can be used to capture magnets and magnetizable components
examine and characterize them with regard to their magnetic properties.


  • Ready-to-use real 3D magnetic field measurement (vector) with spatially resolved measurement in a 2.5 mm grid
  • Ability to use interpolation algorithms for higher resolutions
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Magnetic calibration of the entire measuring system
  • Windows software for visualization and analysis
  • Integration of LabVIEW and Python libraries
  • Magnetic neutral measuring range
  • Communication via USB and serial ASCII protocol.

Possible applications

  • Quality control in the production of magnets
  • Detection of defects in magnetic materials (e.g. cracks, cavities)
  • Characterization of permanent magnets (e.g. field strength, magnetization)
  • Non-destructive material testing (e.g. magnetic back bias)
  • Multidimensional position measurements
  • Measurement of magnetic fields with high dynamics (e.g. gradient fields)
  • Detecting hidden electrical currents (e.g. solar panels)
  • Visualization of static or changing magnetic fields (e.g. motors, coils).

scope of delivery

  • HallinSight® sensor module with USB connection
  • HallinSight® GUI software for operation and evaluation
  • various cables and power supply.

Download HallinSight® data sheet

The delivery time can be 12 weeks from receipt of the order.

For individual adjustments such as alternative measuring ranges and measuring frequencies or changes to the geometry of the sensor surface, please contact us.


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