HallinOne® FH3D04: Software Defined Quad 3D Hall Sensor
HallinOne® FH3D04: Software Defined Quad 3D Hall Sensor
HallinOne® FH3D04: Software Defined Quad 3D Hall Sensor


HallinOne® FH3D04: Software Defined Quad 3D Hall Sensor

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General Description

The FH3D04 is a quad 3D Hall sensor based on on Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS HallinOne® technology. This versatile magnetic field sensor utilizes the pure Hall effect principle without magnetizable materials. The FH3D04 offers a high dynamic magnetic range and accurate 3D magnetic field measurement at four positions with a planar IC in a 2.5x2.5x0.6mm WLCSP package. It supports applications requiring robust stray field handling by utilizing magnetic field gradients.


  • 3D up to 6D position measurement (Joystick, Gimbal)
  • Current sensing
  • Linear position measurement (axial/orthogonal and axial/parallel)
  • Angular measurement (on-/off-axis)
  • Magnetic field mapping, equidistant arrangement for cameras with 1.5mm pitch


  • Quad 3D Hall Sensor with 1.5mm pitch
  • Measurement range full scale from ~10mT up to ~1.5T
  • Measurement rate up to 80kHz at 10Bit or 1.8kHz at 16Bit resolution
  • Supply voltage 3.0V…3.6V
  • Temperature range -40°C…125°C
  • Temperature sensor for system-level drift tracking
  • Software-defined sensor:
    • Each sensor element can be independently configured concerning measurement range and rate
    • Measurement flow (active sensor elements and measurement order)
    • OTP containing electrical trim values, free space for customer data
  • Integrated excitation coils
  • Magnetic calibration without need for magnetic setup
  • Magnetic self-test during operation
  • Diagnostic features for fault detection
  • SPI interface


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