HallinOne® FH3D02: Dual 3D Hall Sensor with EEPROM
HallinOne® FH3D02: Dual 3D Hall Sensor with EEPROM
HallinOne® FH3D02: Dual 3D Hall Sensor with EEPROM


HallinOne® FH3D02: Dual 3D Hall Sensor with EEPROM

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General Description

The FH3D02 is a dual 3D Hall sensor based on on Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS HallinOne® technology. This versatile magnetic field sensor utilizes the pure Hall effect principle without magnetizable materials. The FH3D02 offers precise 3D magnetic field measurement at two positions with a planar IC in a 3x2x0.6mm WLCSP package. It supports applications requiring robust stray field handling through user-selectable gradient measurement modes and incorporates integrated position/angle calculation. A multitude of applications are supported On Chip with standard programming, with the potential for addressing even more applications with specific programming.


  • 3D position measurement (Joystick)
  • Current sensing
  • Linear position measurement (axial/orthogonal and axial/parallel)
  • Angular measurement (on-/off-axis)
  • Magnetic field mapping, equidistant arrangement for cameras with 2.5mm pitch


  • Dual 3D Hall Sensor with 2.5mm pitch
  • On-Chip linear position or angle calculation
  • Offset and Sensitivity compensated over temperature
  • Default measurement range 70mT
  • Default position/angle measurement rate 0.5kHz or 1kHz
  • Supply voltage 3.0V…3.6V
  • Temperature range -40°C…105°C
  • Temperature sensor for system-level drift tracking
  • Diagnostic features for fault detection
  • SPI interface, with all hall and temperature measurements accessible
  • PWM output
  • Customer-specific programming concerning measurement range, measurement rate, and measurement sequence feasible on request


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